Sr Operating Engineer in Cookeville, TN at JLL

Date Posted: 10/12/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

  •     Job Description
  • o    To effectively and efficiently operate and maintain all HVAC and related equipment, providing environmental control to the property and to perform maintenance from tenant requests.
    o    Understands basic building system design and operation, i.e., fire system, domestic water system, HVAC system and electrical distribution system.
    o    Assist when necessary the Assistant Chief or Lead Engineer in overseeing and monitoring the operation and make adjustment of refrigeration, heat exchanger, HVAC, electrical, emergency backup systems and hot water systems; monitors operation, adjusts, and maintains refrigeration, chilled water, and air conditioning equipment; boilers, and ventilating and hot water heaters; pumps, valves, piping and filters; other mechanical and electrical equipment; record readings and make adjustments where necessary to assure proper operation of equipment.  

    •    Job Duties/Functions
    o    Performs and/or directs the performance of all maintenance departmental service requests, insuring that work performed in these areas is accomplished efficiently with a minimum amount of disruption and inconvenience. It is also followed up with adequate clean up.  Checks malfunctioning equipment and ascertains corrective action required to restore to satisfactory operating condition.
    o    Insures the availability of an adequate operating inventory of tools and supplies.  Specific duties include, but not limited to:  Preparing and submitting purchase order requests, developing sources for stock materials and performing periodic checks for supplies.
    o    Makes adjustments and changes on HVAC equipment
    1. Chiller and reheat adjustments for proper operation.
    2. Building environmental controls.
    3. Starts and stops equipment.
    o    Performs general maintenance and operation of central plant equipment.
    o    Monitors systems for potential problems (or existing problems) and formulates solutions to be presented to the Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer for appropriate action.
    o    Performs all maintenance in a safe manner.
    o    Reviews on a regular basis and is prepared to follow all current emergency procedures set forth by JLL and the assigned property.
    o    Purchases parts and supplies according to company policy as directed by Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer.
    o    Makes adjustments and changes to HVAC and related equipment to maintain established comfort zones.   These adjustments and changes must be within the guidelines set forth by the Chief Engineer and/or Assistant Chief Engineer.
    o    Aids in the ordering, stocking and inventory of parts and supplies as directed by the Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer.
    o    Performs preventative maintenance program duties including record keeping.
    o    Assumes additional responsibilities and authority as delegated by the Chief Engineer or the Assistant Chief Engineer.
    o    Review the maintenance/service practices of M&E Contractors to deliver quality work practices in line with the manufacturer recommendations.
    o    Ensure the implementation and management of Risk and Safety work practices to reduce any interruption to operations.
    o    Ensure that all scheduled PPMs are completed on time.
    o    Conduct regular audits to ensure that all implemented procedures are being followed and updated as required.
    o    Initiate strategies to achieve measurable improvements in energy consumption.
    o    Monitors operation and maintains refrigeration, water cooling and air conditioning equipment; boilers, heating, ventilating and hot water equipment; pumps, valves, piping and filters; other mechanical and electrical equipment; recording readings as necessary to assure proper operation of equipment; responsible for reporting any problems/malfunctions
    o    Works with global organization on Engineering Compliance requirements
    o    Performs field checks and oversight activities

    •    Education/Experience
    o    Experience as a journeyman level engineer with strong skills related to building automation systems, life safety systems and Microsoft Office applications. 
    o    Exposure to HVAC, fluid handling/pumping, fluid filtering, mechanical systems, welding, and electrical systems engineering and operation.
    o    Steam Operators License, preferred

    •    Requirements
    o    Ability to work weekends and extended hours.
    o    Demonstrate experience with continuous operational improvement initiatives is highly desirable
    o    Performs other duties as assigned.
    o    Provide on-call support and emergency response
    o    Understanding building logs and documentation practices
    o    Knowledge of all current facility code requirements and standards
    o    This job requires working in a professional office setting.
    o    Personal characteristics - Team player, hard worker, good interpersonal skills, ability to communicate well in both oral and written reports. Familiar with computer equipment and programs. For internal candidates, must consistently receive a “meets expectations” job performance review.
    o    Requires the ability to analyze the operation of various systems, determine the cause of any problems/malfunctions and take corrective action as required.
    o    The job requires regular operation of standard office equipment, and hand tools. The job also requires operating tools or equipment with a skill level that is typically acquired through trade or vocational school training.

    •    Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
    o    Writes reports using all parts of speech with proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
    o    Uses proper English when interacting with tenants.
    o    Interprets a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral or schedule form.
    o    Identifies and resolves mechanical problems.
    o    Uses proper organizational skills and compiles appropriate information to plan and complete assigned tasks.
    o    Negotiates with vendors for fair prices.
    o    Able to read and interpret blue prints and schematics.
    o    Must have the capability to read and understand mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural drawings and wiring control schematics, and have a full understanding of electrical and mechanical systems.
    o    Strong PC literacy and proven ability to manage daily activities using various systems.
    o    Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to communicate well in both oral and written reports with a wide range of client staff and demands.

    •    Compliance/Training
    o    Maintains ethical, professional and courteous relations with contractors.
    o    Complies with all written JLL and regional company policies and trainings.
    o    Ensure compliance with statutory regulations/maintenance on fire, health and safety standards
    o    Knowledge of Standard Operational Procedure development and Risk Mitigation.
    o    Maintains a clean and safe workspace.

    •    Client/Team Interactions
    o    Able to interact with all levels of the organization and outside contractors, architects, and engineers.
    o    Maintains good client relations through prompt and courteous response to tenant requests within the guidelines set forth by JLL.
    o    Acts as a team member with all employees of the management staff.
    o    Communicates essential information needed for decision making.
    o    Interacts with customer personnel to coordinate work and communicate project purpose, length and potential disruptions and other conditions.

    •    Physical Work Requirements/Conditions
    o    Visually inspect machinery and building.
    o    Walks up and down stairs for inspections and emergency procedure practice or implementation.
    o    Detects emergency alarms - auditory and/or visual.
    o    Climb ladders to adjust air flow and make inspections above ceiling.
    o    May be required to lift up to 20 pounds.
    o    May be working indoors and outdoors in a range of temperatures that may vary from hot to cold.
    o    Bending, lifting, twisting and standing for long hours may be required.
    o    The typical work environment involves potentially high risks with exposure to potentially dangerous situations that require adherence to prescribed safety policies, procedures and precautions.

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