Senior Operating Engineer in Sparks Glencoe, MD at JLL

Date Posted: 11/9/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Stationary Engineers will be responsible for the overall maintenance, operation, and cleaning associated with the operation of a large industrial utilities facility providing Steam, Heat Hot Water, Instrument and Zero Air, Chilled water, and other services to a manufacturing facility. Stationary Engineers should expect to spend their time engaged in monitoring system operations, performing predictive maintenance tasks and responding to equipment needs as required.
This role requires working weekends and holidays in a 7-day schedule while potentially responding to call-in for shift coverage and emergency situations.

  • Maintenance and operation of the following utilities systems:
  • Perform work within structured safety, maintenance, and operating procedures.
  • Perform scheduled and corrective maintenance as required.
  • Perform predictive maintenance tasks (Ultra Sonic Leak Detection, Thermal Scans and Vibration Analysis).
  • Perform routine equipment cleaning and general housekeeping duties.
  • Operation of systems and equipment in a control room environment.
  • Assist in the diagnosis and resolution of problems which affect the operation of the facility and/or impact environmental compliance.
  • Read blueprints, material specifications, manufacturer’s literature, operating procedures, and work instructions.
  • Collect data, maintain records, and provide comprehensive logbook entries.
  • Support energy conservation measures.
  • Actively support GM’s GMS process and Level 5 BPD Boards.


  • 35*F YK Chiller Units with primary and secondary pumps
  • -55*F Frick Chiller Units with primary and secondary pumps
  • Cooling Towers and side stream filters
  • RO units
  • Zero Air Dryers
  • Hot Water Loop Heat Exchangers and Pumps
  • Various related systems and support equipment.


  • High school degree or equivalent.
  • 5 years of experience in related utilities systems maintenance and operation.
  • Formal education and training in energy operations, equipment maintenance and repair, or instrumentation and controls, preferred.


  • Boiler operator license grade 2 from a municipality or recognized professional institution, preferred
  • Universal Refrigerant Management certification, preferred


  • Solid basic mechanical and electrical maintenance/repair skills.
  • Working knowledge of HVAC systems.

Broad and general knowledge of utility system maintenance and operation practices.

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